Remove Red Eye

We have all had the picture with the dreaded “red eye” effect.  We will discuss what causes it and more importantly how to prevent it. The “red eye” effect is caused by taking a picture with a flash in a dimly lit area. Due to the area’s darkness, the subject’s pupils are dilated widely.  When […]

JPG Compression, Is It For Me?

When you are saving your digital photos, should you consider saving them as jpg files? As with everything else, there are some pros and cons to saving your digital photos as jpg’s. Pros:   1.  Some people feel that jpg files are ok for digital photo. Cons:   1.  Other people feel that if you […]

Photo Editing History

Photographs whether traditional or digital, are used to capture an image for a split second in time and preserve it possibly forever. Photographs are usually considered “factual” when they are being compared to other forms of art. The artist for drawings or paintings have the full gambit of artist interpretation. Photos are considered to accurately […]