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This post was written by Gary on March 30, 2010
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We have all had the picture with the dreaded “red eye” effect.  We will discuss what causes it and more importantly how to prevent it.

The “red eye” effect is caused by taking a picture with a flash in a dimly lit area. Due to the area’s darkness, the subject’s pupils are dilated widely.  When the flash goes off, the light reflects off of the retina and you now have your red eyes.  This “red eye” effect can be demonstrated in people and pets alike.

Now that we know how “red eye” is caused, let’s discuss some options for removal or decreasing the effect.

Some of the newer cameras have a built in “red eye” reduction system. The cameras having this ‘correction’ ability produce a preliminary flash before the real flash occurs.  Seemingly the preliminary flash will cause the subjects’ pupils to shrink before the real flash. Sadly, it doesn’t eliminate “red eye” and the preliminary flash may cause your subject to flinch and close their eyes during the real flash.

As you can see, you will still probably have some pictures with “red eye”.  At this point your only option to remove the “red eye” is with photo editing software. Some of the good software packages will have a “red eye” removal utility. Software with this option is often as easy as clicking the outside of the pupil and hitting the go button.  The program will convert the red to black.

If your photo editing software does not have a “red eye” removal utility, then you will have to zoom in on the “red eye” and remove the red pixel by pixel.  This will be a slow process.

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